Our Story

ONCE UPON A TIME, Chloe left Canada to study abroad in Denmark in pursuit of learning about Nordic design influences and culture. There, she met Morten, who came from a small Danish town.

Everyday, they would share their unique travel stories, their dreams, and their passion for food. Despite their stark difference in upbringing, they fuelled each other’s wanderlust. As they embarked on their travels together, they explored unconventional ingredients from local and international cuisines through their home cooked meals.

Over time, they curated lasting memories and their love for each other grew stronger. Until one day, it dawned on Chloe that her reverie would soon come to a halt. She would eventually have to return home to Canada.

The thought of separating from each other was agonizing. Days before her flight home, she wrote a letter titled, “50 Things I like About You” -- where she listed specific traits she cherished about Morten. In the final item, she wrote “Jeg Elsker Dig”. 

On the day of her departure from Denmark, she gave him the letter and made him promise to open it while she was on the plane. 

When Chloe finally arrived in Canada, she received a message from Morten saying, “I love you too!” He then instructed her to check the front pocket of her purse. As it turned out, Morten also surprised her with a love letter to read.

And so began their tradition of exchanging handwritten letters and small-yet-thoughtful gifts throughout their long-distance relationship. The simple act of unboxing and gifting small tokens of their love became the cornerstone of maintaining intimacy and deep connection while being separated by 6 time zones.

Until finally, Morten moved to Canada to close the distance gap between them. However, their tradition was not lost. Today, Chloe and Morten continue to exchange handwritten letters and small gifts.

This is how NØDI was born. NØDI is a luxury snack collection inspired by the cultures they explored together and the small indulgences that made them smile. The flavours celebrate their commitment to love and their pursuit of endless wanderlust. 

NØDI is best enjoyed slowly and in moderation in our busy modern hectic lives. Indulge in our Collection now.