What is NØDI?

For the intelligent, high-performing professionals who lead a busy lifestyle.

NØDI is a luxury snack experience that reminds them to take a pause from their modern stresses, and enjoy "small indulgences" along their journey to greatness.

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Platinum Collection Nümami Almonds

Twice-roasted to perfection with signature smoky Nümami blend. Crowned with Italian white truffle sea salt. Reawaken your wanderlust to Southern Europe with each bite.

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"I've always been a fan of almonds. But NØDI almonds aren't your basic almonds. It's the best almonds I've ever had in my life, and even that is an understatement. It's so delicious I can't help but rave about it to everyone and anyone because it's just that good. I'd continue, but you just gotta try it yourself to see what it's all about!"

- Toni Akinwumi (Toronto, ON)

"These almonds just taste classy. Love the truffle flavour, very unique and satisfying."

- Brianna Chapman (Ottawa, ON)

"NØDI tastes like a noteworthy moment, it's indulgent and unique but has a hint of familiarity. Every bite makes you pause to think about how the flavour hits on your palette. Not something you would soon forget."

- Emily Naddaf (Toronto, ON)

"Flavourful and brings me back to a time of adventure."

- Karan Malik (Waterloo, ON)

"When you open the package, you're hit with truffle aroma, then tasting them, the truffle and smokiness is almost a subtle beginning, then the natural almond flavor shines through. I think there's something special here: there's just enough of the flavor you're going for that the taste and memory lingers, but it's subtle enough to be addictive."

- Adam Friedman (Boston, MA)

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